12/20/2023 Contemplation Threnodiac for the Erstwhile Faucet in my Parents' Bathroom Sink - day one back in Paris

26/11/2023 WOKE MISGENDERING Chapter II: The Well-Meaning Idiots - part two

12/11/2023 WOKE MISGENDERING Chapter I: Origins - first in a three-part series on misgendering

23/10/2023 Food Review: Breakfast 23/10/2023 - soft boiled egg tomorrow queen???

30/07/2023 The Barbie Movie and why it made me want to Die - Oppenheimer (2023) movie review

27/07/2023 Jörg Shidmann News Bulletin - stay up to date

23/07/2023 Back Home - Matins blogging

20/07/2023 AGP BACH'S FIELD GUIDE TO MTL CAFES - in this issue: Espresso Bar 1720, the great Myriade Mont Royal, Côte Café, and more!

16/07/2023 Erratum Blogpost 16/04/2023 - my bad guys

13/06/2023 An Update - bitching about things

17/05/2023 The world is treating me bad: ✨Misery✨ - on misery and the trans experience

04/05/2023 Αποχαιρετισμός - self-indulgent eulogy of my grandmother

27/04/2023 You know what really grinds my gears??? - on annoying people in Orthodox online spaces

26/04/2023 Woohoo! Yea!! - Soliloquising about my programme transfer

16/04/2023 ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ - Easter wishes!

15/04/2023 For as often as ye shoot up this E, and swallow this spiro, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come... - Eastern Orthodoxy's little known prayer for sex change.

12/04/2023 What's in a name? (this DICK) - Complaining about my name as if I didn't chose it myself

08/04/2023 Fe en los tiempos de transgenerismo - On my ongoing crisis of faith

01/04/2023 Trans day of rage - a guy was weird to me in a Pizza Pizza and now it's your problem

28/03/2023 Rova no more - reflecting on my disintegrating relationship with my maternal grandparents

26/03/2023 Ana Phylaxis - diary entry about my anaphylaxis scare

22/03/2023 Wowie! First Blog Post! - Welcome to my blog!

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