¶ Silence after a snowfall



flttrng flks fll tndrly /
& come to rest upon a white

. piling
. . . . . . ....CRNCH!P{"|}&&*(
pressed down from on high,

)soft steps cease sounding leaving a palm,
a pad,

Saturday March 23rd 2024

¶ Naja guten Rutsch alle zusammen
Monday January 1st 2024

¶ 7. Ἐγὼ δέ εἰμι σκώληξ καὶ οὐκ ἄνθρωπος, ὄνειδος ἀνθρώπων καὶ ἐξουθένημα λαοῦ.
Saturday December 30th 2023

¶ Quitad me de los ojos
esta niebla de siglos.
Quiero mirar la cosas
como un niño.
Jesús Lopez Pacheco
Friday December 1st 2023

¶ i want seven up
but outside frosty winds blow
and chill to the bone
Wednesday November 29th 2023

¶ That barista is so fucking pretentious. Not like me. I, of course, am a woman of the people
Friday November 24th 2023

¶ Two Thirds a Haiku:
My Heart is empty when I'm
Not with her (Blair's Cat)
Monday November 20th 2023

¶ Une clope, une clope ! Mon royaume pour une clope !
Sunday November 19th 2023

Morning Prayer of a Transsexual - After Petrarch, Sort Of

Εκ του ύπνου εξανιστάμενη, με καρδιάν καθαράν ειπέ:

On murky Lanes through Wet and Cold I trudge
O’er Shade of gnarlèd Boughs I lay my Pace
The Paths diverge and set my Heart to race;
Betide me Woe if choosing I misjudge.
In Daytime’s glimmering Rays of Light I bleed
Warm Blots of Scarlet fall on Marble cold
And thus corporeal Lead will stain with Gold;
A Balm my Flesh to soothe in Hour of Need.

Eleison me, o Lord, by Mercy great!
And open up my Lips, to sing your Praise,
Your Kiss upon them, placing, Lord, revive -
in me, anew, clean Heart, and Sin abate,
And guide me, Lord, and Strength within me raise,
In Body's Chrysopoeia to survive.
Saturday November 18th 2023

¶ It's always such a strange feeling seeing girls in early HRT and already being able to tell how gorgeous they're going to be. With a starting point like that... fieri sentio et invideor...
Friday November 17th 2023

¶ Ethan's Law: if you take any subject and dumb it down enough it eventually becomes business; follow it in the other direction and it eventually becomes math.
Thursday November 16th 2023