Food Review: Breakfast 23/10/2023

23/10/2023 Sixth Hour - Today's breakfast was a soft boiled egg, a piece of buttered toast, and a cup of coffee.

EGG: The egg was boiled to perfection with no undercooked albumen whatsoever and a perfectly runny yolk, not liquidy as one is accustomed to finding in a raw egg, not jammy like slightly overdone one that has begun to cross the threshold into hard boiled, but perfectly thick and creamy. The cooking time set on the timer was 5'30", however, I was otherwise occupied when the timer went off, and so it can be safely assumed by discerning audiences that the final cooking time from eggsertion to eggstraction was approximately 5'45"-5'50". Further trials will be required to discern optimal cooking time for a no-name brand egg (size large).
TOAST: The toast (whole wheat) was toasted to a perfect golden brown and buttered just the right amount with unsalted butter. By waiting for the toast to cool before applying the butter, a satisfying crunch was ensured, as the butter did not melt and soak into the toast on application. Instead, it remained an opaque white colour, but softened enough for an even and thin spread.
COFFEE: This morning's coffee was a Greek coffee made with Kafes Laikou Gold coffee, brought back with me from Cyprus. To one large Greek coffee cup's quantity of water I added two heaping teaspoons of powdered coffee and about 2/3 of a teaspoon of white sugar. Clinical trials found the strength of the coffee to be just right, while the quantity of sugar was just enough to cut through the bitterness of the coffee without making it noticeably sweet to the taste.

I have taken it upon myself to write a review this morning purely to chronicle what may have been the best breakfast of the egg-toast-coffee format that I have ever made. I was stunned to find every element of this classic combination coming together in perfect synergetic harmony to create an orgasmic morning meal experience. As always, I would like to thank my beloved roommate and academic advisor Dr. Johannes Twinktoris (Editor in chief of the quarterly philological publication Fructilegium) for his advice, constructive criticism, and good company at the breakfast table for our daily clinical trials.


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