Erratum: Blog Post 27/04/2023

16/07/2023 Third Hour/Ώρα Τρίτη - I'm currently reading the Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Theology and according to Mary B. Cunningham and Elizabeth Theokritoff, the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox churches have "actually remained remarkably close in theology and ethos, and today there is widespread recognition that their differences are terminological rather than substantive". This combined with overlapping use of certain liturgical rites and co-existence in particular regions I guess renders the confusion between the two slightly more forgiveable. I don't really get how the relevant christological disputes are glossed over as a matter of terminological distinction because they seem pretty concrete to me, but then again I'm not a theologian so it really doesn't matter if I don't get it. Apparently since the Conference of Addis Ababa there has been renewed interfaith dialogue/debate between Orthodoxy and Oriental Orthodox churches on miaphysitism and dyophysitism which has led to this conclusion. So here's my erratum, sorry for being wrong, I will be killing myself in due course to make amends!


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