Ana Phylaxis

26/03/2023 4th Sunday of Lent/Δ' Νηστειών Compline/Απόδειπνον - Today has been a roller coaster ride and a half. I had only one obligation, a lecture recital i was performing in as part of a choir for a choral conducting doctoral student's degree. call time was 13:30, which is a little bit early for lunch, so i hadn't eaten, thinking i would get a snack at school, which was a huge mistake. the experience was fun and i chatted with some lovely people ended up starving through the whole thing, and then immediately ran out of the theatre to go buy a sandwich at RVC caf, only to realise what? that i left my damn wallet at home. this was not good.
So I decided to go to the afters for the recital (drinks at hurley's) and get one of my fellow choristers to pay for me on the condition that i pay them back. by the time the food finally came (took a while to serve our entire party of like 20) i was hungry as balls with crankiness to match, so i devoured my 6 malnourished looking mozzarella sticks with near reckless abandon. still not satisfied in my hunger, i turned my attentions to the garnish of the plate - several pieces of raw celery and carrot.
Now my relationship with raw carrot is strained to say the least - I have a slight allergy and tend to end up with a little scratchy throat. So imagine my surprise when some five to ten minutes after eating them, i began to detect the peculiar sensation of my fucking throat swelling up. Nobody around had antihistamines and I still had no wallet so I had to get someone to buy me some (embarrassing once again) although i did briefly consider just dying instead to avoid the embarrassment. long story short, i didn't have to go hospital, but i now carry an epipen. currently lying in blair's bed petting the cat and eating biscuits to help nurse my swollen throat and bruised ego. fuck carrots

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